User Help

Q. What is and what makes it different?
There are thousands of webcam sites online these days, but unfortunately most of them are populated with Eastern European girls with broken english, being paid peanuts and generally looking like they don't want to be there. This is where comes in, we only feature our hot UK girls, the models and porn stars you see each night on Babestation TV! What's more, as its a webcam show, our girls can show you what you really want to see, with no TV regulations stopping your enjoyment of the show!

Q. Do I need to register on the site to watch the shows?
You can watch our free shows for a short period of time without registering, but by registering you are able to enjoy our free, group and VIP chats with your favourite Babestation girls, while also able to interact with her via the chat box or, if you wish, a two-way video call in VIP. Registration is completely FREE and is quick and easy, click here to get started!

Q. I'm a member of BabesFromTV and when I try and register on it says username already registered?
You're already a member of! We use the same webcam solution as BabesFromTV, and your username is linked between the sites. Simply login to with the username/password you registered at BabesFromTV.

Q. I'm a member of BabesFromTV with credits in my account but my balance is 0 credits on
Unfortunately, although your username is linked between sites, your credits aren't. You're credits are still perfectly safe at BabesFromTV, but you cannot use them on We are working with our webcam solution to offer this feature later down the line. Until then, please Buy Credits on

Q. What is this going to cost me?
Registration is free, of course. After that, different things cost different amounts depending on how much you want to see and how interactive you want to get with the girl of your choice. As a general rule, every $1 gives you 1 credit. Here's a breakdown of each service:

  • FREE CHAT (FREE) - All shows will start in this format, it's completely free to watch and chat to the girl at this stage.
  • GROUP CHAT ($1/min) - This is where most of the action happens. The girl is able to go as hard as she likes, and you can interact/request via the chat box. As the name suggests, there will be a number of other viewers watching too.
  • VIP CHAT ($3/min) - 1 on 1, intimate private chat with the girl of your choice. No-one else can speak to her, and you can use your webcam for full on video-call style show if you wish.
  • SPY GROUP ($0.50/min) - If you don't want to get involved but just want to watch during a group show, you can do this in by spying on a group chat.
  • SPY VIP ($2.20/min) - You can spy on a private show between the girl and someone else. You will not see the customer's webcam.
For an up-to-date approximation of what $1 will cost you, please check Please remember the conversion rate your bank will actually provide will be lower.

Q. What happens when I tip a girl?
In order for a webcam show to be good fun for you, the girl has to have fun too! By tipping the girl, you are letting her know you are there and enjoying the show. Once you have tipped the girl, she is alerted to this fact and will give you a personalised shout out, or will try her best to fulfil any requests you may have asked for (in reason, of course).

Q. During a free show, how much should I expect to tip?
Some of our shows are completely free to view for the entire length of the show. During a show in this format, you are of course free to interact with the girl via the chat box. If you want a personal message, a request fulfilled or are just enjoying the show, please Tip the girl to show her your appreciation! Our girls will work to a certain level, but we have put a rough guide together of what you can expect to see based on the amount of tips the girl receives. Remember, this is community driven, so if the required level is around 50 credits and there's 50 guys in the room, that's 1 credit each to see some more!

Free Show Tipping Menu

  • Topless - 50 credits
  • Naked - 150 credits
  • Toys - 150 credits
  • Fetish/Other - 200 credits
  • Personal Shoutout - 5 credits per user
Please remember this is just a rough guide, and the actual tipping requirements are completely down to the girl who is on at the time, what she is comfortable in doing and how busy the room is.

Q. How do I purchase/topup my credits?
Once you have registered, login and select the 'Buy Credits' option in the menu above. This will take you to our top-up page where you can select how many credits you'd like to purchase, and then you'll be redirected to our secure payment page on CCBill, our trusted payment providers. CCBill have been the industry standard billing platform for many years within the adult market, and offer quick, easy, fully secure and completely discreet transactions via your credit/debit card. We hope to offer more billing options shortly.

Q. Do I need a webcam to use the service?
No, not at all! Many of our customers do not use a webcam, you can view all of our girls without having a webcam installed and can chat to them via the chat box on screen. If you want to, of course you can use a webcam in VIP Chat, which allows you to have an intimate, 1-on-1 two-way video call session with your favourite girls.

Q. What can I expect to see from the girls?
Each of our girls are different, and as such each have their own levels they are willing to work to. Every show starts in Free chat, where you can quickly gauge how far the girl is willing to go. With no TV laws stopping them however, you may find many of our girls go much further on webcam than you'd ever imagineā€¦ we don't put any boundaries on how far our girls can go! In short, our shows can range from cheeky flirty topless fun with glamour models, to full hardcore shows.

Q. I've forgotten my password, help!
You can request a password reset by clicking here. Just enter the email address used to signup and a password reset will be sent to your inbox. Follow the instructions and you'll be inside in minutes!

Q. I have another issue which hasn't been addressed above
If you are still having problems with the site or would like some more information, please email us or tweet us where we'll be able to help further. When emailing, please clearly describe your problems, tell us which site you're using and give us your contact information.